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Harvard University, was selected as the best business school world.
Nevertheless, Harvard University still get criticism from a businessman who had invited a guest lecturer at Harvard University. Lecturers are McCormack, with reveal what is not taught at the School of Business (Harvard University). Why not taught? Because Harvard lecturer can not be taught. It is not taught creativity and innovation.
There are schools that can teach not only creativity and innovation, but to teach people with the ability to complete. The school teaches the human as the sons of Adam, the man who is able to control themselves from excessive food and drink, dress, and intend to drive excessive and that overcharge. Humans are not greedy.

The school also teaches people to become basyar, namely people who have the ability to maintain jasmaninya and I remain healthy and fit. Physical like a machine that continuously work. To keep these machines work well with the need to be durable and properly maintained. Psychiatric like rhythm machines work. Both must become a cohesive and harmonious.

These schools to make students become human, the people have the ability to think outside the normal, so it can absorb knowledge that extraordinary, including knowledge of the business. Opportunities tend on the side of the people who are trained, not simply use logic, but the rally with intuition. If the logic symbolized the sun, the intuition is a month. Both are crucial in a business that should be owned by a man who titled.

These schools to make students become annas, namely that students can mingle with superiors, subordinates with a colleague with the good. Cooperation in the confidential communication. Communication is true only be achieved if able to understand the meaning, words and feelings of the opponent's communications. We must understand our opponent's speech, and after that we understood by our opponents to speak.

The school can also make the students with a abdun, namely that students have the ability to serve God with good, as usual weapons Pamungkas in the trial or the difficulties encountered. Schools that can improve the spiritual intelligence. Intelligence and spiritual intelligence to make rational and emotional intelligence to become more effective. And the school makes this perfect human, or a perfect man. Schools can overcome Harvard University, the school even without the best competitor in the world is called Fasting Ramadan {M SUYANTO}

HARVAD BUSINESS SCHOOL now almost reached the age of a century. Is still a business school's most successful and have influence in the world. At least it maintained consistency through the school in maintaining the quality, the creation of a strong community network of alumni, and quality assurance which is always implicit in the name, brand, and anything related to the Harvard Business School.

Already the value of the donation (endowment), which received HBS than most other business schools, the figure reached U.S. $ 1.3 billion. Not yet satisfied with the existing funds, several years ago, HBS raised funds through the union campaign funds of U.S. $ 500 million until the end of 2005 to support college scholarship program, a global research and development and technology faculties.

Funds that were also used to renovate the library building is historic Baker Library and the dormitory. The campaign is led by C Dickspangler, a former MBA student force 1956. Events launch its own (21 September 2003) attended by hundreds of alumni, including the president of Harvard University, Lawrence H. Summers, who is also finance minister and former Clinton during the United States. On occasion, B Kim Clark, dean HBS, berujar that what HBS on 20 years means more fuel than what has been done in the past 20 years.

Harvard started its own history in 1907 when A Lawrence Lowell, served as a professor of presidential re-launch the idea HBS professional post-graduate education for business. Since founded in 1636, Harvard has already recognized the Harvard Law School and Harvard Medical School prestigious. With the new faculty, a master's degree in business will be given to those who have previously holds a Bachelor of arts degree or a Bachelor of Science degree. The aim, to train and educate leaders, and the print specialist. However, these schools do not concentrate on the marketing or finance, but the general management. HBS created a school for the GM. On 21 September 1908, with 15 staff and 24 full-time students, are opened Graduate School of Business Administration, which is the embryo HBS.

In the year 1925, owing to a grant of U.S. $ 5 million from the banker George F Baker, dean B Wallace Donham about building a campus with architecture neogothic former swamp land in Boston. Remember back in the Charles River from Cambridge and the main campus of Harvard. Now, the HBS campus that comprises 29 buildings on 60 ha of a library, large dining room, sports facilities, dormitories, and places of worship that is far greater than any other campus. Donham also take the initiative of the Harvard case study, which is famous. Donham also adopted the idea of education in the faculty of law. Then in 1922 Donham start publishes scientific journals HBR I will be there to be a "holy Book" for the contemporary management.

Still, until 1950, an MBA degree is not a hill. In 1949, for example, 3,900 MBA graduates from 100 universities in the U.S., almost 700 are graduates of Harvard. But companies such as Xerox, Johnson & Johnson, Capital Cities, and Bloomingdale experienced post-war boom, the origin of the Harvard MBA graduates rebound in value.

According to Kim B Clark, more than half of the 60,000 Harvard graduates who live outside the U.S. is a graduate of HBS. HBS alumni office continues to monitor the approximately 66 thousand graduates who are still alive. The data collected, among others, travel career, income, family, social contribution, citizenship and alumni. The result, HBS graduates have pengahasilan beginning more than U.S. $ 145 thousand per year. The figure is far greater than the income of any business school alumni.

HBS graduates not to become CEO of the company's few giant world. Louis V Gestner, Jr. is chairman and CEO of IBM, Raymond Gilmartin became CEO of Merck, Arthur Martinez became CEO of Sears, Steve Kaufman became CEO of Arrow Electronics, and many more. Now, the new trend where around 40-50% HBS graduates had decided to become entrepreneurs by starting their own business or manage the company beginners.

Talk about the selection of entry, not less than 50 thousand applications into HBS every year. Around 7,500 students and the test for the 880 seats available (1997). Faculty basically only accept 1,000 students and almost 90% came to meet the call. The rest chose to work because of a better bid. HBS is also prepared to fund U.S. $ 100 million for the Fellowship in the middle of the growing needs financial assistance for students. These funds will make permanent HBS visited talented students from all over the world. No fewer than 70 countries represented from the MBA program that diselenggarakannya. Funds are more or less equivalent will also be used for faculty development, including development of teaching and learning center. Not surprising when teachers such as Michael Porter, John Kotter, Rosabeth Mos Kanter, and Robert Kaplan still stand in the HBS. Leading into the spirit of the nearest competitor, Stanford in California, Wharton School in Philadelphia, Kellogg School of Northwestern University in Chicago Illinois, feels right at HBS. Not infrequently the Harvard professor spend the night in the office / residence during snow storms. There was no term cut in Harvard.

As a comparison, 1997, from 85 thousand MBA graduates thousand American business schools, Harvard MBA to contribute 882. Though the percentage is only 1%, it is the number one the number of graduates from the force of one of the largest business school. HBS products are also increasingly developing, starting from HBR, publishing books via HBS Publishing, reprint case studies, software, multimedia interactive courses, videos, newsletters, materials for the release of the online degree, and the website on the internet which has increased HBS income significantly. Efforts to facilitate the access it instantly to HBS from all over the world. HBS seems to wish to remain alive for at least a thousand years.

Talk about the alumni network, HBS and Harvard in general, very clever arrange alumni network. Their commitment to the alumni evidenced in the seriousness and magnitude of the budget to pay menanganai and alumni relations office. In Indonesia, the most famous universities, including universities even still menyerahakan alumni activities almost entirely on the alumni. In addition to not using the optimal strength, this is also frequently changed into the political arena. Perhaps the nursery university here has not realized that to get money to make money.

Oh yes, Indonesia now have some product HBS graduates. Some of them, I know, among other Angky Camaro (HM Sampoerna), Ongky get (Humpuss), Philip Purnama (Indofood), Hasan M Soedjono (Sempati Air), and there is still some more. Although the number can still be counted with the fingers, but hopefully for their contribution to this country can be far greater than any other business school graduates.

You may be interested in entering into Harvard? Rumor-light from them that they are in the United States often explain that Harvard is not different aristokrat other universities. Do not ever hope to be able to escape to Harvard if you / your parents are not Harvard donors, or you do not have a recommendation from the Harvard alumni, and your child is not an officer.


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