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No body impeach anymore that love is beautifful,but,what happen if we cant MAKE romantic moment with our darling??? i belive you must be know the answer!!
ok,,this is 69 romantic tips can help your love.

IDEA # 1

If your partner is going away for a few days, tell her that you are worried about her so you have organized a bodyguard to look after her. Then give her a small teddy bear.
IDEA # 2
Buy a packet of glow in the dark stars and stick the stars on the roof above your bed to spell out a message such as "I Love You" When the lights go down, your message will be revealed!
IDEA # 3
On a special occasion, buy your partner eleven real red roses and one artificial red rose. Place the artificial rose in the center of the bouquet.
Attach a card that says:
“I will love you until the last rose fades.”
IDEA # 4
Buy the domain name of your partner's name if it is available for example www.TanyaJohnston.com. Create a web page containing a romantic poem and a picture of a rose. When your partner is surfing the web, casually ask whether she has ever checked to see whether her domain name is taken. Let her type it in to discover her page.

IDEA # 5
Buy a stylish hand mirror and give it to your partner as a gift. Include a card in the box saying
“In this mirror you will see the image of
the most beautiful woman in the world.”
IDEA # 6
Take a book that your partner is reading and using a pencil, underline letters in a section of the book she has yet to read to spell out a love letter. For example in the following exert from a novel, the underlined letters come together to spell out the secret message "I love you"
The palace was a labyrinth, their passage through it tortuous and interminable. Initially they passed from building to building under the sodden sky. Steve's feet ached; he might have laughed at himself, the tireless traveler, grown too soft from his months in the city to walk any proper distance. Abruptly the guards halted.
The underlined letters will make your partner curious and with a bit of luck she will write them down. Spend time to encode a proper message such as "Dear Belinda, I love you honey"
IDEA # 7
Have flowers delivered to your partner's workplace. She will not only enjoy the flowers but will also receive comments and attention from her office mates which will add to her enjoyment.
IDEA # 8
While walking with your partner on a weekend getaway, pick up a smooth stone and say that you're going to keep it as a special memento of your trip. Later, have a message such as
"I Love Rebecca"
engraved into the stone by a jeweler and give it to your partner.
IDEA # 9
Drive into the country, find a grassy hill and lie with your partner and look up at the clouds.
Play the kid’s game of looking for shapes in the cloud formations.
IDEA # 10
Get a piece of paper and some crayons. Draw a bright childlike picture with a smiley sun and two stick figures holding hands. Add labels with your two names pointing to the stick figures. Write "I Love You" inside a heart.
Next get a large formal envelope. Place your drawing inside and type up a formal address label of your partner's work such as:
For the immediate and urgent attention of:
Rebecca Jones
Level 20
Collins & Smith Solicitors
New York
Mail it to your partner so she receives it in the middle of a busy day.
IDEA # 11
Memorize one of Shakespeare's love sonnets and recite it to your partner when you are in a romantic setting like a botanical garden. Don't just suddenly start reciting poetry as this will just sound corny.
While you are cuddling your partner, ask in a joking manner, "So is now a good time to recite a love poem to you?" She will probably say yes, expecting you to come up with something of the "Roses are Red..." variety.
Instead, look into her eyes, smile and recite the sonnet while you gently stroke her face. Try the sonnet below. If this is too long, just memorize the first four lines and the last two.
Shakespeare Love Sonnet 18
Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate.
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer's lease hath all too short a date.
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimmed,
And every fair from fair sometime declines,
By chance or nature's changing course untrimmed.
But thy eternal summer shall not fade,
Nor lose possession of that fair thou owest,
Nor shall Death brag thou wander'st in his shade
When in eternal lines to time thou grow'st.
So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.
IDEA # 12
If your partner has to work late, take a lunch box and fill it with some of her favorite things such as chocolates, herbal tea, cookies, a small teddy bear.
Next, get a piece of paper and write
"Michelle's Late Night Survival Pack"
Draw a big red cross below this and stick the paper to the top of the box. Tell your partner to open the box when things get really tough.
IDEA # 13
If you are walking by a park, visit the swings and give your partner a ride. This will often bring back happy memories from her childhood.
IDEA # 14
Leave a long stem rose where your partner will find it with a note on it saying:
"Thank you for coming into my life."
IDEA # 15
If your partner is starting a new job, buy a copy of "The Sound Of Music" sound track. Tape the song, "I Have Confidence" onto a tape and add your own message at the end of the song saying,
"Good Luck honey, I have confidence in you."
Give the tape to your partner to play on the way to work in the car.
IDEA # 16
Buy a small decorated cardboard box, a sheet of colored tissue paper, some massage oil and a blank card.
Line the box with the tissue paper. Place the massage oil in the box and write the following message on the card:
I know a great Masseur.
For an appointment ring:
(Your Phone Number)
IDEA # 17
When your spouse has had a really long hard day, run a hot bath for her. Pour some fragrant bath oil into the tub and gently bathe her from head to toe. Carry her into the bedroom. Gently towel her dry and tuck her into a freshly made bed with a kiss on the forehead.
IDEA # 18
For this idea you will need a portable CD player. If you and your partner have a favorite song, get a copy of it on CD and take it with you when you go away for a romantic weekend.
When you are in a romantic spot, ask your partner if she would like to dance. Place one earpiece in her ear and one in your own and enjoy your private dance floor.
This technique is particularly effective if the romantic spot you have chosen is somewhere where people would not normally dance, for example, the top of the Empire State building at sunset or on top of a mountain during a camping trip.
IDEA # 19
If your partner has a pet that she adores, at Christmas, in addition to buying a gift for your partner, buy a small present for her pet.
IDEA # 20
Go for a walk on the beach. Trace out the shape of a large love heart in the sand. Sit inside the heart and cuddle your partner as you watch the sun go down.
IDEA # 21
Invite your partner to go for a walk. Get a back pack and pack the following items: A picnic blanket, a selection of fruit in small containers eg. strawberries, grapes, watermelon and kiwi fruit. Some cheese and crackers. Some sandwiches. A small tin of caviar. A half bottle of champagne and two plastic champagne glasses. If your partner asks what's in the backpack, just say a jacket and some lunch.
When you find a romantic spot, ask if she would like to stop for a bite to eat. Open your pack and remove the items one by one to set up your picnic. The last item you remove should be the glasses and champagne.
IDEA # 22
If you play a musical instrument, create a romantic environment in which to play for your partner. For example, let's say you play the saxophone. Contact your partner's roommate and arrange for her to make sure that your partner steps out onto the balcony of their apartment at exactly 9.30pm.
Drive to her apartment and set up before hand. Place a large sparkler in the music holder of your sax and light it as your partner steps on to the balcony. Play something slow and romantic.
IDEA # 23
Use this idea if your partner is going to work and you are staying at home for some reason (Perhaps you are sick or are working from home).
Say goodbye to her at the front door and then immediately send an email to her work address. The email should simply say,
"Miss you already".
The email will be in her in-box when she does her morning email check.
IDEA # 24
If your partner has long hair, take the time to brush it using long slow strokes. This is particularly effective after she has had a shower or when she is getting ready for bed.
IDEA # 25
On a special occasion like your partner's birthday, plan a treasure hunt for her. The fun begins when you suggest going for a walk on the beach.
When you get to the beach, carry a small bag with you. The bag contains a bottle that you prepared earlier. Inside the bottle is a treasure map. To make the treasure map look authentic, burn the edges with a match.
As you are walking, slip the bottle out of your bag and let it drop to the sand near the water's edge. You may have to pause and kiss your partner to do this unnoticed. Walk a little further up the beach then turn around and retrace your steps to 'discover' the bottle.
On the map have a dotted line leading from the beach to a nearby cafe. At the cafe, your partner won't know what to look for so suggest that you just sit down and have a cup of coffee.
When the waitress delivers the coffee, she suggests to your partner that she might find what she is looking for under the coaster. When your partner turns over the coaster she finds a key taped to the bottom. Obviously you will have to set this up before hand with the waitress. Most waitresses will be happy to help a romantic guy out with this type of thing.
At the next stop on the map, your partner finds or is given a spade. Then at the last stop on the map your partner finds a large 'X' made up of two crossed sticks. She digs and discovers a locked box. The key unlocks the box to reveal her present.
IDEA # 26
Invite your partner on a date by sending her a plain brown envelope containing a tape. On the tape, record the Mission Impossible sound track and then record yourself saying, “Your mission if you choose to accept it is to make your way to Café Venoli, 123 Park Lane at 18.30 Eastern Standard Time. There you will rendezvous with a stunningly attractive man wearing a red carnation. The future of the free world is now in your hands. This tape will self destruct in five seconds.” Then record ten beeps from a stopwatch and record yourself saying, “Would you believe ten seconds…” Its corny but it usually gets a laugh!
IDEA # 27
Contact your partner's family and ask if there was anything she always wanted when she was a little girl.
For example if she always wanted a porcelain doll, buy one for her birthday. She will not only appreciate the gift but also the fact that you were thoughtful enough to find out what she always wanted.
IDEA # 28
Organize a professional photo shoot to obtain a portrait of the two of you as a couple. Frame the picture and put it somewhere prominent. Remember to make sure you give your partner plenty of notice so that she can get ready.
IDEA # 29
Write a note saying
"I thought of you today, and it made me smile."
Leave the note somewhere where your partner is sure to find it.
IDEA # 30
For Valentines Day, buy your partner a charm bracelet with at least 14 charms.
Remove all the charms and let your partner 'find' one charm each day for the first fourteen days of February. On Valentines Day give her the bracelet and any remaining charms.
IDEA # 31
When you and your partner are in a shopping center or airport, stop at one of those booths that allow you to take an instant photo and print them out as stickers.
Choose a romantic background and kiss your partner while the photo is being taken.
IDEA # 32
If your partner has voice mail at work or on her mobile, leave a message saying
"Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you."
She will appreciate this anytime but especially when she is going through a rough period.
IDEA # 33
Organize a mystery trip for you and your partner. Some travel agents will organize mystery packages where the destination of the trip is kept secret until you are actually on the plane or arrive at the destination.
IDEA # 34
Buy some rose petals and place them behind the sun visor on the passenger side of your car. Take a post it note and write, "I Love You" on it and stick it to the back of the sun visor.
As you are driving to a romantic destination, look at your partner and tell her she has a mark on her cheek. She will pull down the sun visor to use the mirror and be showered in rose petals and see your note.
IDEA # 35
If your partner is going on a trip, pack a small present into the corner of her suitcase that she will find when she is away.
IDEA # 36
When you and your partner are having an anniversary, buy two champagne glasses and get them engraved with your names and the date, for example:
Mal and Kate
7 May 2002

Go to the restaurant where you have made your reservations and request that when you and your partner arrive that your champagne be served in your special glasses. This will be a great surprise for your partner and a wonderful keepsake for you both.
IDEA # 37
On a special occasion such as your partner's birthday, buy twenty-four red roses. Arrange to meet her at a specific spot in a shopping mall before going out for dinner. Get to the shopping mall early and position yourself around the corner from your meeting spot.
Ask a guy who is walking by whether he would mind helping you out. Give him a rose, point out your partner and ask him to walk up to her and say, "Happy Birthday Meagan" and give her the rose and then walk away. Repeat this with eleven other guys. Choose guys who are not too good looking and choose guys of different ages. A nice touch is to have the last rose delivered by a small child who could even by accompanied by his parents.
After the first twelve flowers have been delivered, approach your partner with the twelve remaining roses.
IDEA # 38
Always listen for things that your partner reminisces about and jot them down somewhere. For example, perhaps she talks about the ice cream that she had from a particular shop when she was a little girl.
When a special occasion comes along, check your list of things that your partner talks about and try to recreate one of them, for example, visit the shop and buy a tub of ice cream making sure that the name of the shop is on the container.
IDEA # 39
Create a love montage by collecting some photographs of you and your partner, some ticket stubs of places you have visited and any other small odds and ends that have special meaning to you both.
Take these items and get them professionally framed in a three dimensional montage. Alternatively, buy a frame and create a simple montage yourself.
IDEA # 40
Buy an ornately carved wooden box which is lined with green or red felt. Find an old fashioned key and place it in the box.
Next, get a small gold plaque and have it engraved with the words
The Key To My Heart
Fix the plaque to the inside of the top of the box so that it can be read when the box is opened.
IDEA # 41
Buy a tree with your partner and plant it in a special spot. Each year on your anniversary, have a glass of champagne next to your tree and talk about how your love and the tree have grown.
IDEA # 42
If you shower first in the morning. Steam up the bathroom and write a message such as "Pete Loves Kathy" on the mirror for your partner to read when she uses the bathroom. This also works on car windows when it's cold.
IDEA # 43
As a special gift, name a Star after your partner. A number of astronomical agencies allow individuals to name stars and you receive formal documentation identifying the star that you have named. See the following website for details:
IDEA # 44
Find a comic strip that relates to something that you and your partner have shared together, for example perhaps you both work in the same office and you find a Dilbert cartoon that relates to the politics at your workplace.
Enlarge the cartoon using a photocopier and use white-out to cover the cartoon text. Type up your own text that relates to you and your partner and paste it in the appropriate places and then photocopy the cartoon again so that it looks like your text was the actual text of the cartoon.
For an added touch, get your customized cartoon laminated before giving it to your partner.
IDEA # 45
When you and your partner are enjoying a restful time away, organize to wake up early one morning and go to a scenic spot to watch the sun rise.
This may seem difficult but it is something which is definitely worth doing at least once. Seeing a new day being born is something really special to share with your partner.
IDEA # 46
When you have access to a spa, create a romantic atmosphere by placing some candles around the tub and some rose petals floating on the surface of the water.
As your partner enjoys the water, serve champagne and chocolate covered strawberries before joining her.
IDEA # 47
Create some love coupons that your partner can exchange for romantic favors.
For example you could have a coupon that reads
This coupon entitles the bearer to:
One Foot Massage.
Use by 07/08/2045
Use a date many years in the future if you want to suggest that you and your partner will always be together. Get 50 love coupons at this site:
IDEA # 48
On a warm summers night, organize a backyard picnic. Spread a picnic blanket on the ground and get together some snacks, chocolates and champagne. Lie down on the blanket with your partner and gaze up at the stars together.
IDEA # 49
Next time it is raining really heavily, go for a walk with your partner. Forget the umbrellas and the raincoats. Run through the streets together, jump in puddles and get totally saturated.
Pick her up, twirl her around and kiss her while the rain falls. Taste the water off her face and hold her close.
When you get back home have a hot shower and then share a warm drink preferably in front of an open fire.
IDEA # 50
Organize a hot air ballooning trip as a special surprise. Most trips begin with a glass of champagne before you float over the countryside with your partner.
IDEA # 51
When your partner is sitting at a table or desk, come up behind him or her and give her a back, shoulder and head massage. Finish with a gentle kiss on the cheek.
IDEA # 52
Place an ad in the paper on a normal day saying something like:
Dear Amanda,
With you by my side, everyday
feels like Valentines Day.
Thank you for being you.
IDEA # 53
Buy a book that you and your partner are both interested in reading.
Read one chapter each night in bed with each of you taking turns to read out loud.
This can be a great alternative to television.
IDEA # 54
When your partner is having a shower or bath, take her towel and place it in the dryer to make it really warm and then wrap her up in it when she is done.
IDEA # 55
Photocopy your hand and fax a copy of it to your partner with a message saying, "Do ya wanna hold hands?"
IDEA # 56
Next time you order a pizza, ask to have it cut into a heart shape before it is delivered to your home.
IDEA # 57
Buy a box of chocolates and very carefully open one side of the plastic wrap so that you can gently slide the box out. Open the box and place a love note inside. Then slide the box back into its plastic wrap and reseal it.
IDEA # 58
Rent a tandem bike and go for a ride with your partner. At the end of your ride have a picnic in the park.
IDEA # 59
If you are away on a business trip, document a day in your life for your partner. For example:
'A Day In The Life Of Mark'
6am: Just woke up and thought of you - Wish you were laying next to me. Well, I better get ready for work.
7am: Am on the train. It's crowded; everyone looks like they are half dead. I miss ya heaps.
8.30am: Have just organized my day, it's going to be a busy one.
9.30am: Am in the middle of a really boring meeting. I am trying to concentrate on this months sales figures but I keep thinking of your beautiful eyes....
6.30pm: Thank goodness the day is over. I am counting the days until we’re together again.
Send your letter to your partner. This is a wonderful way to tell your partner how often you think about her during the day and to share your life with her in a special way.
IDEA # 60
Speak to your partner's family and find out what her favorite book was when she was a little girl.
Buy a copy of the book and read it to her in bed.
IDEA # 61
Write an email story with your partner. Start the ball rolling with an email that says something like:
Chapter 1:
This is the story of Pete and Kate who met at a friend's engagement party one summer afternoon.
The email can then continue to develop the beginnings of a story which can be completely fictitious or a combination of fiction and reality.
Finish your email by saying, "And now for Chapter 2, its over to you..."
IDEA # 62
Buy a kite and on a windy day find a park and fly the kite with your partner.
If you can afford it, buy a large kite that you control with two hand lines. These kites are great fun.
IDEA # 63
When you and your partner are planning to go out for dinner, suggest that you have an 'Adventure Dinner'. Here's how it works
Set the timer on your stopwatch to count down twenty minutes. Next, ask your partner to choose a number between 5 and 10. Lets say she chooses 7.
Give your partner a coin and tell her that at every 7th intersection, she has to flip the coin. If it is heads you will turn left. If it is tails you will turn right. When your watch timer goes off you have to both keep a look out for the nearest place to eat.
This is a fun way to get out and about and try new places to eat.
IDEA # 64
When you and your partner are going somewhere special, get your camera, buy a new roll of film and wait for her to come out of the house.
When she appears, act like a professional photographer and go wild taking pictures of her with the flash. While you are taking photos, bombard her with questions as though she was a famous actress and you are trying to get a scoop for the magazine you represent.
Not only is this fun but you will also get some great photos to look back on together.
IDEA # 65
When your partner is sick at home, take a day off to look after her.
Rent some videos, make her some soup, wrap her up in a blanket and just be with her.
IDEA # 66
When you are having dinner one night, ask your partner about the things she has always wanted to do.
Later on, write these things down so you don't forget them and over time try and help make them happen. For example she may say that one thing she has always wanted to do is swim with dolphins. Find out where she can do this and organize it for her as a special surprise.
IDEA # 67
Rent the video, "An Affair To Remember". Buy some popcorn, champagne and chocolate covered strawberries and have a special film night at home.
IDEA # 68
Go to the drive in but instead of sitting in the car, spread a picnic blanket on the ground. Light a candle and buy popcorn. Cuddle your partner and enjoy the film.
IDEA # 69
Create a personalized magazine cover for your partner. To do this, get hold of a good quality photo of her and a copy of a popular entertainment magazine.
Take these two items to a print shop or graphic design agency. Ask them to scan your partner's photo and develop a magazine cover with the lead story being, "The 30 most beautiful women of 2003".
When you get the cover, stick it on the front of a real magazine and ask your local shop owner whether you can place it in the magazine rack. Organize to meet your partner at the shop before going out. When she arrives, tell her that you are just looking for a magazine. Let her browse the rack and discover her magazine.

Celebrities Trend in Designer Perfumes

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Many Years ago, cosmetics companies were accountable for the designer perfumes that lined counters in fancy department stores. Names like Christian Dior, Estee Lauder, Chanel, and Guerlain, were all the rage and they often would get celebrities to endorse their designer perfumes. Nowadays, celebrities don't want to endorse another company's perfume line. The vogue in tinseltown is for every starlet to have her own line of designer perfumes and cosmetics.

Do you think celebrities actually have a hand in things?

The degree to which a superstar is involved in the designer perfume that is sold in their name can vary. Some celebrities turn the design tasks over to experts and simply give their approval on the finished items. Other celebrities are deeply involved in the process from the creation stages to the marketing of the designer perfume.

While Celine Dion was involved in every aspect of the formation of her designer perfume, but that doesn't mean she donned a lab coat and actually mixed the vials of scent like a well-known mad scientist. Rather Celine Dion was involved in the creation process that decided just what kind of fragrance she wanted to manufacture. She also participated in designing the bottle and the promotion of her newest line.

Jennifer Lopez is another celebrity that was very much involved in the production of her designer perfume. Since she once worked at a cosmetics counter, Jennifer Lopez knew exactly what she wanted her signature fragrance to smell like. The manufacturer that worked out the fragrance combination credits her with including the hint of sake scent that tops off the perfume.

She even had a pretend diamond ring or necklace on the neck of the bottle design as a tribute to her penchant for wearing jewelry. By staying involved with each aspect of her scent's creation, she can make sure that the perfume genuinely reflects who she is.

Paris Hilton on the other hand did not participate in the creation of her perfume but she does take a large role in the marketing of her perfume. If she wasn't a famous face, the perfume would probably get lost among the many other fragrances at the local store and online perfume websites.

Celebrity designer perfumes is growing in popularity

When Elizabeth Taylor, first introduced designer perfumes decades ago, the reaction was mixed. Many critics felt that celebrity perfumes were just a fad. But t today with many celebrities, such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Britney Spears, joining the ranks of perfume creators, the sales of celebrity fragrances is daily growing in popularity and sales.

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WHO likes touchscreen phones
should be excited; the biggest brand in the industry has brought out not one, but TWO mobile phones: the sexy Nokia 5800 and the unbelievably mind-blowing Nokia N97.

Memories best forgotten - Nokia touchscreens in history

Many people are under the incorrect assumption that the Nokia 5800 is the first touchscreen phone to wear the Nokia label. It isn't. Quite the opposite, in fact, there's been several touchy-feely phones released under the Nokia name. Beginning with the 7700, we've seen a couple of Nokia mobile phones which are controlled by you pressing directly on the screen. They all had reasonably big (for their time) screens, but unfortunately, they shared something else: they were irredeemably rubbish. Just one of those mobile phones, the 6708, displayed a modicum potential, but that was made exclusively to be sold in China, and so, it never saw the light of day in the UK. Unfortunately, that meant that the phones we got were total, utter bobbins.

However, those bad memories have all been exorcised by the launch of a pair of new Nokia mobile phones, both of which have touchscreens, and both of which are much, much nicer...

Nokia 5800 - play that funky music

First on the roster is a completely new member of Nokia's Xpress family of music mobile phones, the mouth-watering Nokia 5800. This one's quite obviously built for music and media, as it has a separate XpressMedia touch-key that brings up a list of shortcuts to music, videos, the web, and more. Then, of course, the Nokia 5800 has a 3.2 inch touchscreen, to let you use those different media files. Basically, the Nokia 5800 was created to be a teeny handheld jukebox and movie player, and as music handsets go, this is easily one of the sexiest. The Nokia 5800 also comes with a 3 megapixel camera, HSDPA data connection and GPS, so that it's a brilliant all-rounder, on top of being a superb media player. Oh, and it's got a strap to clip on an imitation guitar pick. Pointless, but brilliant.

Despite all those features, the Nokia 5800 is very definitely a mid-range handset; it's not, nor was it ever meant to be, a full-on top-ender. That position falls to a different handset...

Nokia N97 - super-powered and ready to rock

With the Nokia 5800 on course to deliver touch-based mobile phones to the mid-range market, that leaves a huge, yawning gap at the very top-end, and yes, there IS a touch-based mobile phone on its way to take its place as the top-end powerhouse: the frankly awesome Nokia N97. This takes the same Symbian S60 Touch interface and crams it within the frame of a proper, full-fat smartphone. So it's got a massive, 3.5 inch screen, a slide out QWERTY keypad, and the camera now weighs in at a meaty 5 megapixels. The Nokia N97 is, as should be glaringly obvious, destined to be the new flagship Nseries mobile phone, and it's genuinely as powerful as the rumours had us believe, with HSDPA, GPS, digital compass, and built-in Flash, meaning you have an internet experience that tops any other mobile phones! Put it like this: the Nokia N97 is awesome. It easily outdoes other mobile phones and while the Nokia 5800 angles firmly for the mid-range, I'm predicting that the Nokia N97 will utterly DOMINATE the world in 2009!

Effective Internet Advertising Solutions

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INTERNET has grown in leaps and bounds since its invention and for the past two decades. It has become known as a medium for advertising. Internet advertising is preferred by consumers and businessmen alike due to its low cost and the considerable growth of Internet users
and as it has a far and wide reach. Internet can capture text, images, video and audio. The advertisers can produce logos, moving banners, animated and three- dimensional imagery and with the combination of these, advertisers produce successful and low cost Internet advertising solution

Internet advertising is affordable and also helps to effortlessly transact and distribute with the consumers, within a very short span of time. With just one click and Internet advertising, consumers get all the information required by visiting any website. Internet is the only medium, which satisfies both the businessman and the clients, from the comfort of their respective homes. Meeting
in person consumes money and time and success in advertising is not guaranteed. But low cost Internet advertising solutions benefit the company, where the services and products receive sales as also the consumers receive comfort and satisfaction.

Internet advertising leads to other advertising medium because when a consumer clicks on an advertisement, he or she can easily respond or ask with e-mail and business reply cards. This has an edge over other advertising campaigns because it has the ability to answer feedbacks in real time and companies can resolve complaints and answer the inquiries.

The web site publishers are also benefited through Internet advertising by generating advertising revenue from their unsold marketing inventory. Internet advertising certainly satisfies the consumers, companies, advertisers and even the common people. Internet advertising gives the ability to measure the impact and visibility of the companies. Internet advertising can be used for creating general brand awareness, brand promotion and for attracting quality traffic to their websites.

Creating a blog is one of the cheapest and effective ways of Internet advertising, where the website is promoted and comments can be posted. Link exchange or text link exchange is another cheap method of Internet advertising. There are other expensive Internet advertising like pop ups, pod casts and paid search engines. Pop ups is the method in which the advertisement appears in between the site, blocking the view to the site. This is quite annoying and disturbing and is quite expensive.

Pod cast is another sophisticated method of Internet advertising but the concept of globalization is gaining a firm root and each company is striving its best to market the product to reach the consumers in the nook and corner of the world.

Clearly, Internet advertising agency acts as a bridge between the company and various web sites. Internet advertising is available 24x 7 allowing access anytime and is very effective and efficient. There cannot be a better medium than Internet to achieve the advertising strategy in the highly competitive business.


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The amount of data sent and received by visitors to a website is known as web traffic, which constitutes a large portion of Internet traffic. The number of visitors and the number of pages visited determine the web traffic. The incoming and outgoing traffic are monitored by the sites that find which parts or pages of the site are popular and feel the trend.

The web traffic is monitored in many ways and the data that are gathered are helpful to structure sites. The web traffic can be increased by including search engines and through search engine optimization.

The amount of traffic seen by a website shows the measure of its popularity and so can be used to see the shortcomings, if any, and concentrate on improving those areas. In this way, it is possible to increase the popularity of a web site and the number of people visiting that particular web site.

However, it is sometimes imperative to safeguard some parts of the website by a password, by which only authorized people can visit particular sections or pages. At times, based on geographical location too, specific traffic may be blocked. Depending upon the number of connections and bandwidth too, the access to a web server
can be limited.

There are many ways of increasing web site traffic. Placement of a site in search engines, purchase of advertising like bulk e-mail, Pop- up ads and in-page advertisements are some of them. The increase in web traffic can also be achieved by purchasing non-Internet based advertising.

It is quite important to get proper placement on search engines because if a web page is not listed in the first pages of a search, the chances are less to find it in the subsequent pages, as most people do not have a tendency to go past the first page. The other ways of increasing web traffic are offering e books or articles and classified advertisements, web rings and building link popularity, of which the last mentioned is the easiest.

Popularity can be built by writing e-mails to sites and asking for a link. Or else, written material can be sent to e- zines or free article sites, which accept them for free. But the benefit for the writer is that it may bring traffic to the website.

Generally, web traffic can be increased by registering with the major search engines that follow the hyper links to get to pages inside the web site, index it and store in the database. When too much web traffic occurs, it slows down the access to a web site because more file requests go to the server than it can handle-which may be due to over popularity or an intentional attack on the site, which usually happens to small web sites rather than larger scale web sites.

Making Beer

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in this moment i will share tips to making beer,,,
you can try itt at your home right now.

Clean and sanitize! It can't be repeated enough. Clean and sanitize! Use an electric dishwasher if available.

A bottle brush will be handy for cleaning the bottles. A good thermometer will be useful for many things.

Start collecting non-screw top bottles well in advance of beginning this hobby, you will need about 50 to bottle a standard batch. This is a good excuse to start buying premium brands. For more details visit to www.greateducationonline.com .Also old recyclable glass soft drink bottles and some champagne bottles are outstanding (a dark beer in a coke bottle is stealthy to say the least), and can often be found at yard sales.

Screw top plastic soda bottles are excellent choices for beginners. Most home brewers don't like the feel and appearance of plastic beer bottles but they work great. They are cheap, strong, and easy to use. If you use them make sure to remove the labels so that someone will not pick up a bottle of beer thinking it is a soft drink.

An extra large cooler full of bleach water is a great device to soak bottles in to sanitize them.

Glass carboys, although heavier and a little more expensive, are really the best if you are going to be brewing for a long time. The plastic buckets eventually get scratched, are more difficult to clean and the plastic will let in oxygen, albeit very slowly.

Most beers benefit from a second fermentation stage, or a "secondary." Once fermentation has slowed (the airlock is either no longer bubbling, or has slowed to 2-3 bubbles per minute), very carefully siphon the beer from the first fermentor to another sanitized fermentor, preferably a glass carboy. To know more logon to www.ebook-secrets-revealed.com .Splashing is discouraged at this stage, as you do not want oxygen getting into the beer. A slow, smooth siphon is best. This "secondary fermentation" gives the beer more time to clear, meaning less sediment in the bottles, and generally results in a better tasting beer.

Keeping temperatures down in the fermenter will result in a cleaner and better tasting beer. Try to keep the temperature between 60-70F (16-21C) if possible (for ales) and 45F-55F (7-13C) for Lagers (closer to 45 the better). Much cooler and the yeast go dormant, but if it gets too much warmer you'll get some unusual "fruity" flavors. The ideal temperature varies depending on the strain of yeast you use, so the above recommendation is just a general guideline.

An easy way to keep the temperature down is to keep the fermenter in a large bucket of water and wrap the whole thing with a big blanket. You can add ice packs or frozen water bottles to drop the temperature a few degrees if you need to.

Cans of Malt Extract can be purchased at your local home brewing store, or online? They often come in different flavors and produce different tasting beers.

The Best Way To Get Her To Really 'Want' You

Well, you've done your homework. You've been charming, a good conversationalist, focusing on her all night. You know that you want her, but how do know if she wants you?

A little spark from a match will light a huge bonfire. You need to create an emotional spark that lights the bonfire that’s waiting inside of her. It's not hard to do. Here's a little recap for you.

1. Smile - not a big toothy grin, but a nice, genuine smile.

2. Watch
your body language. Are you open? Are you relaxed?

3. Look in her eyes.

4. Dance and slow dance with her.

5. Stroke her hair
, her face.

6. Kiss her hand, each finger

If she hasn't come around yet, then simply slow things down more. Instead of speeding this portion of the romance, take everything very slowly. This will set her nerve endings on fire and set off a chain reaction of pleasure sensors inside her that will have her taking control of the situation.

When holding her hand, gently stroke each finger, one at a time. Then kiss the fingertips after stroking them. This feels very sensual and intimate.

Remember to keep looking in her eyes. Lock eyes with her; make her feel that there's no where else on earth you would rather be than right here, right now.

Stroke the back of her neck. Play with her hair. Just sort of roll it around in your fingers.

Kiss her face, neck, ears, everywhere on her face but her lips. This will send her into orbit.

These types of techniques are designed to get the most sensuality from light, easy touches. The kind of touches that most women want. The 'want factor' will be extremely high if you follow these few techniques.

Watch FREE hidden camera pickup videos and discover how to approach, meet and get dates with attractive women at the shopping mall, the park, even the street!


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In this guide we will show you how to make a guitar IN 6 STEPS:
Read literature on guitar construction. "Make Your Own Electric Guitar" by Melvyn Hiscock at Amazon offers detailed instructions on designing a ody, binding, gluing and finishing (see Resources below).

Decide on your design. There are many elements to take into consideration when you make a guitar including body contour. It is important that the design must match your style of playing, including the type of neck (fixed, bolt-on or thru-neck) and bridges (tremolo or fixed).
Transform your ideas into a plan. A vector drawing program is helpful for this. Accurately draw almost every component of your guitar: body shape, pick guard, pick-ups, switches, potmeters, cable connector and bridge. You should have a entire "paper" guitar.
Choose your wood. Spruce and Brazilian or Honduras mahogany are "musician grade" woods. Steer clear of gumwood and birch veneer. They require a thick coat of finish which doesn't lend itself to a good sound
Assemble your tools. Most of the tools needed are run-of-the mill woodworking tools like a handsaw, block plane, drill bit, chisel, rasp, file, microplane or surform tool, router, band saw, drill press and a jointer.
Cut your wood along your design pattern and assemble your guitar pieces. Log on to Building a solid-body guitar for a step-by-step "how to" (see Resources below).


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HOW to make car look great?,,Your vehicle represents a huge investment of both money and the time you spend driving your car, truck, or SUV. Whether you want to resell one later at a good price or keep your current car and keep it looking GREAT- and spiffy - for years to come, it's smart for you to maintain your car exterior from the very day you buy it.

The first place to go to learn how to do this is your vehicle owner manual. This manual specifies the best means to clean, wax, and otherwise shine your car, truck, or SUV.

Understand there is not always a one solution fits all scenario. The car detergent or wax you use on your Toyota pickup may not be right for your Mitsubishi Mirage.

Different manufacturers may use different types of enamel and sealants that may require slightly different solvents to clean the pain or work best with very specific types of car wax. It also may be necessary to do something after a year or two to protect the seal on the paint itself so your car paint does not fade or chip as quickly.

Should you use wax or sealers? It depends again on what your manual recommends. Both car wax and car sealer act to filter out the harmful effects of sun rays including ultraviolet, ozone, and moisture. In the past, wax and sealers used to be quite different on an ingredient level because sealers contained silicone while waxes did not. This often meant a sealer would last longer than a car wax.

Yet that line has blurred because many car wax products now contain silicone and sometimes other properties that were once the exclusive domain of car sealers. Check your manual and your product packages carefully.

Some experts suggest that you can actually deep clean and wax too often. For example, deep scrubbing can wear down the sealant used to protect the paint. Sometimes, you can even damage the car enamel as well.

21 Tips to Keep Your Car in Top-Notch Condition
1. Be patient during the break-in period
You've bought your dream car and now you want to make it last at long as possible in top condition. Here are some things to remember as you pull it out of the dealer's lot:

# During the break-in period, typically the first 1,000 miles (1,600 km), keep your speed under 55 mph (88 kpm) or to the speed recommended by your car's manufacturer.

# Avoid heavy loads on the drive train, such as towing trailers, and loading the roof rack or trunk with heavy construction materials.

# Do not allow your new car to idle for long periods -- this is good advice for the life of your car, but especially during breakin. The oil pressure generated by doing so may not be sending oil to every part of your engine.

# Use only light to medium acceleration, keeping the engine rpms below 3,000 for the first few hours of driving.

2. Drive with care everyday
# Being car considerate shouldn't stop after the break-in. Drive with care every day and your car will reward you with longer intervals without repair. Do not race your car's engine during start-up.This is a quick way to add years of wear to your engine, especially if it's cold outside.

# Accelerate slowly when you begin your drive.The most wear to the engine and drive train occurs in the first ten to twenty minutes of operation.

# Warming the engine by letting it idle in the driveway is not a smart idea.The engine doesn't operate at its peak temperature, resulting in incomplete fuel combustion, soot deposits on cylinder walls, oil contamination, and ultimately damaged components.

# Put less strain on your engine and automatic transmission by shifting to neutral at red lights. Otherwise, the engine is still working to push the car even while it's stopped.

# Avoid driving at high speeds and accelerating quickly, especially when it's very hot or very cold outside. Such driving behavior will result in more frequent repairs.

# Extend the life of your tires with careful driving. Observe posted speed limits. Avoid fast starts, stops, and turns. Avoid potholes and objects on the road. Don't run over curbs or hit the tire against the curb when parking. And, of course, don't burn rubber.

# When turning your steering wheel, don't hold it in an extreme right or left position for more than a few seconds. Doing so can damage the power-steering pump.

# Consolidate your short driving trips. Most of the wear and tear -- as well as the pollution your car generates -- takes place in the first few minutes of driving. Doing several errands at once, during low traffic hours if possible, will keep your engine happier longer.

3. Buy gas at reputable service stations
Ask whether the gas you buy is filtered at the pump and if the station has a policy about changing the pump filters regularly. If you get a song and dance, find another gas station. Some stations don't have pump filters, making you more vulnerable to dirty gasoline. Other stations may not mix alcohol and fuel properly -- or worse, water down their product. Find a station you trust and stick to it.

4. Don't fill up if you see the tanker
If you happen to see a gasoline tanker filling the tanks at your local gas station, come back another day or go to a different station. As the station's underground tanks are being filled, the turbulence can stir up sediment. Sediment in your gas can clog fuel filters and fuel injectors, causing poor performance and possibly necessitating repairs.

5. Go easy when you're stuck
When stuck in mud or snow, don't make the problem worse by damaging an expensive component. Gently rocking in an attempt to free the car is fine. But if it looks as though you're really stuck, don't keep at it. Throwing your car from forward to reverse repeatedly, as well as spinning tires at high speeds, can generate lots of heat and spell trouble for transmissions, clutches, and differentials. It may be cheaper in the long run to call the tow truck rather than risk big repair bills down the road. It's a good idea to carry a traction aid in the trunk, such as sand, gravel, or cat litter.

6. Lighten up your key chain
Does your car key share a chain with a dozen or more other keys? That's a pretty heavy load hanging off the car key when it's in the ignition.The weight, combined with bouncing while you drive, can wear out the tumblers inside the ignition and eventually lead to ignition switch failure.To add years of service to your ignition switch, purchase a lightweight key chain that allows you to separate your ignition key from the others. Drive with only the ignition key in your ignition. If your ignition key "sticks" when you try to turn on the car, it's a warning that your ignition switch is about to fail. Replace it before you get stranded.

7. Choose a good car insurer
Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, disaster inevitably strikes -- typically in the form of an accident. Make sure that your car will be repaired to the best possible standard by finding an insurer that will pay for parts from the original manufacturer and guarantee the repairs it authorizes.

8. Keep an auto log
Keep a pad and pencil in the glove compartment and use them to record your gas fill-ups and mileage. If you notice that your gas mileage worsens, mention it to your service man. It may be an early warning sign that something is wrong with your car.

9. Preserve your car during long-term storage
If you are not going to use your car for more than a month, store it properly to prevent unnecessary damage and repairs upon your return.

.Fill the gas tank to help prevent condensation from accumulating in the gas tank. Add a fuel stabilizer and drive the car around a bit to distribute the additive to engine parts.

.Wash and wax the car thoroughly to protect the finish.

. Place a vapor barrier on your garage floor. A 4-mil polyethylene drop cloth will do.

. Disengage the parking brake to help avoid brake corrosion.

. Put the car on jack stands to take the weight of the vehicle off the wheels and tires.

. Disconnect and remove the battery to keep it from draining. Place the battery on a trickletype charger. Or periodically drain the battery, using a small light bulb, and then recharge it with a low-volt charger.

.Plug the tailpipe with a rag to prevent moist air from infiltrating into it.
10. Park in the shade
Of course, a garage is always the ideal place to park your car. But if one isn't available, minimize interior damage from UV sunlight and heat by always trying to park your car in the shade. If no shade is available or if you find parking under a tree results in bird droppings, use a car shade to minimize the sun's impact. As a bonus, you'll have a cooler car to step into on hot sunny days. Car shades come in two basic types: those that you unfold and place on the front windshield and rear window, or pleated types that attach to the windshield posts (with adhesive), window frames (with Velcro), or the windows themselves (with suction cups).

11. Clean the inside, too
Vacuum and sponge your interior every time you wash your car. Dirt particles are abrasive, and spilled liquids, such as soda, can be corrosive.Vacuum your interior thoroughly with a powerful vacuum (small cordless models are generally too weak). Use the appropriate wand heads when vacuuming. The bare metal wand can mar and scratch surfaces. Sponge vinyl surfaces clean with a solution of mild detergent and water.

12. Clean dash gauges carefully
Use a soft damp cloth to lightly wipe dust from the clear plastic lenses on your dashboard. Too much pressure will scratch them. Too many scratches can make it difficult to read your gauges under certain lighting conditions.

13. Let floor mats take winter's beating
Use floor mats to protect carpeting. The best type for controlling salt, slush, and mud in winter are rubber wafflestyle mats. They stay in place, don't allow the water to seep through, and are easy to wash clean. Carpet-style mats are helpful, too. Shake, vacuum, or wash as needed; replace them as they wear through.

14. Blast mats with the hose
When washing your car, drag out the rubber or carpet floor mats and blast them with the hose.This will dislodge dirt particles that, if allowed to build up, will grind holes in your mats. Let the mats dry thoroughly in the sun before reinstalling them.

15. For stubborn carpet or mat stains
After vacuuming floor mats or interior carpeting, apply foam rug cleaner to resistant stains as directed by the maker. Work the foam into a few square feet at a time, using a wet sponge or brush. Vacuum when dry.

16. Preserve door and window seals
Wipe a rubber protectant (such as Armor-All) or silicone on door and window weatherstripping to keep it in good condition. Don't use an oilbased product, such as WD-40, because the oil will damage the rubber. Regular cleaning and treatment of your car's weatherstripping will also lessen the likelihood of your door sticking to its rubber seal in cold weather, a common cause of damage to the rubber.

17. Fix bad weatherstripping immediately
If your weatherstripping is letting rainwater leak into the interior of your car, take a look at it and decide if you can repair it or if it needs to be replaced. Small leaks can be handled with brush-on seam sealers. Resecure loose sections, not otherwise damaged, with trim adhesive. Torn sections may be repaired with special caulking available at auto parts stores. You may also be able to extend the life of worn-but-intact sections by inserting foam rods, available at automotive stores, into the hollow section of the weatherstripping. If you decide to replace entire sections of gasket, don't simply buy generic stuff such as you'd use around the house. Buy a product that matches your car's original weatherstripping -- it's available in a wide variety of profiles from dealerships and automotive mail-order catalogues.

18. Keep leather from drying out and cracking
Leather cars seats are durable and don't require a lot of maintenance. After a few years, however, the seats can become soiled. Use a leather cleaner to remove dirt and stains.Then apply a leather protectant formulated for pigmented or top-coated grain leather (the leather used for most leather car upholstery). Protectants will resist stains and make the upholstery easier to clean in the future. Choose a protectant that includes conditioners to keep your leather supple.

19. Use upholstery cleaners on soiled seats
The same upholstery cleaners you use at home can be used on your car's upholstery. Use them sparingly, however, to avoid saturating the fabric. Use a clean cloth to wipe away the foam. On velour seats, brush the fibers gently to avoid matting them and to preserve the original texture of the fabric.

20. Renew fabric upholstery
Spraying fabric car seats and carpets with a fabric protectant, such as Scotchgard, will make them resist dirt and stains, and make them easier to clean. Thoroughly clean the fabrics before using one of these products and then test the product on an inconspicuous place to be sure the treatment will not discolor the fabric.

I did a little bookmark scrub this morning and thought I would share the remaining content of my "Online Money" folder. To warn you, there are certain things that I don't like and never bookmark so:

What's NOT included: Taking Surveys, Get Paid to Surf the Internet, MLM, Programs with a ton of negative user experiences (based on researching forums, Googling them, etc.), Contest Sites, "Buy my DVD, CD, Audiobook", etc.

What IS included: Things you can use to legitimately make money online - Everything from Getting Paid to review software to good ole' Adsense.

Anyway, here you go!!!!!!!

Adbrite - Sell space on your site for text ads

Amazon Affiliate Program - Easily create a store or shopping section on your site instead of sending your visitors to Amazon. Amazon handles the shopping cart and fulfillment.

Amazon Seller - Sell your stuff on Amazon

Associated Content - If you write a story, how-to, rant, etc. you can submit it to them and they will pay you $3-$20 per article if they like it

Azoogleads - Another ad program. They do have some decent companies lined up as advertisers. You provide space, they'll provide an ad.

BidVertiser - PPC (pay per click) program with a low $10 payout amount.

Build a Niche Store - This is a simple store / website development platform which enables you to create content based sites that generate income through the eBay
affiliate programs. Pretty darn simple.

Blog - Start a blog and consistently write excellent content. With good ad placement, you may make some money.

Business Opportunities Blog - I am adding this because I am a subscriber to their site and I see ideas everyday that could result in making money. A lot of the ideas pertain to online businesses. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, it's a good reference.

Cafepress - You provide a design, they'll toss it on a T-Shirt, Hat, etc. No upfront costs. Get a free online shop and promote your products on your website.

Chitika - Their eMiniMalls service has shown great results for many Bloggers and site owners. You choose a keyword and they show relevant products on your site using a pretty unique interface.

Clickbank - Quickly becoming my favorite affiliate program. They have thousands of things for you to advertise on your site.

ClicknWork - Get paid $5-$150 per hour for basically doing freelance work on a per-assignment basis. You have to pass a pretty tough test to get in.

Clicksor - These are the guys that generate contextual ads on sites that show up when you hover over a double-underlined word.

Commission Junction - If you have a site, you can join Commission Junction. Once enrolled for free, you can choose companies whose ads are pertinent to your site. Companies have the ultimate say on working with you. There are easily over 1,000 companies to choose from here.

CreamAid - For blogs only, advertisers provide you with a topic and you write about it on your site. To do this, you have to install a flash widget into your blog post. The more people you bring into the conversation through the widget, the more you get paid. It's difficult to explain.

eefoof - Think of it as YouTube + Flickr + Music. You add original content and they pay you based on the visitors you attract.

Ether - If you are an expert on something, Ether provides a way for people to pay you to talk about it in a one-on-one setting. If you want to charge $250/hr, that's fine. You have to do all the advertising so you should have a blog or site already established.

eBay- Come on, you know what this is. Gather your junk and sell it!

eBay Stores - If you have a real store and want to sell your stuff online, this is a decent option to get you started.

ELance - Name gives it away. Programmers, Codes, Web Designers, Writers, Editors, can look for freelance opportunities.
Feedvertising - This is an arm of Text Link Ads and is currently only good for Wordpress 2.0 Users. This does me no good currently, but as you can guess, they place ads in your feed(s).

Feedburner / Google
- Not only are they the best place to house your feeds, they will also add ads to your feed and website. You get paid per impression and if you implement Google Adsense to your feed, you are paid per click.

Google Adsense - Come on, you don't need an explanation; these ads are all over the place. Google displays relevant ads based on your site's content

Google Adwords - Create simple text ads and choose keywords that determine when they are displayed. This is where the Adsense Content comes from. You do not need a site for this.

H3.com - Get paid to fill jobs. Commissions range from $50-$5,000. It all depends on how tough the job is to fill and how desperate the hiring company is. This is another one that's tough to explain.

Indeed.com - Add their job board to your site. They then post jobs based on the geographic location of visitors and the position types you pre-select. I tried it and I they continually report that I sent 0 visitors and I know that's not right. Nevertheless, I may have an isolated problem so they make the list.

InnerSell - If you have a customer that wants to buy something you cannot sell, you can sell the lead here.

Jellyfish - This is a shopping site that pays you a percentage of the purchases made by people you refer. They are not part of a wider affiliate program so you do it direct.

Jigsaw - It's a pretty flaky model but if you have a Rolodex full of good contacts, you can sell them here. I can't make sense of it but it looks like you get $0.10 per profile.

karmaone - They are basically a recruiting website. If you fill one of their jobs by finding a good candidate, you'll get paid anywhere from $50-$12,000. It all depends on how desperate the hiring company is.

LinkShare.com - If you have a site, you can join Linkshare. Once enrolled for free, you can choose companies whose ads are pertinent to your site. Companies have the ultimate say on working with you. Like Commission Junction, there are a ton of companies waiting to evaluate your site.

Microsoft Adcenter - Bid on keywords and Microsoft places your created ads then they are searched for. This is similar to Google Adwords. You do not need a site for this.
Overstock.com - Sell your stuff on Overstock.com

Pageflakes - This is a company that developed a user-defined Ajax homepage to show feeds, flickr photos, and a ton of other things. Think of it as a replacement for your Google Homepage. Anyway - they'll pay you $1 per referral that you send over. They are not part of a wider affiliate program so you do it direct. This one is pretty simple.

Pay Per Post - I don't agree with this model entirely but they have advertisers that will pay you to write about their products on your blog.

Pheedo - If you have an RSS feed, run it through Pheedo. Like Feedburner, they can include ads into your feed and if you really become large, advertisers will pay a premium for you to show their ads.

Shareasale.com - I've never really worked with them but I do have an account. They are similar to Commission Junction and Linkshare however they seem to have lower tiered companies with advertising offers.

Shoemoney - This is a blog that can teach you a ton on making money online. I've spent hours reading his old stuff.
Software Judge - They will pay you up to $50 to review software.

Text Link Ads - I have never made a dime here but I know people that have. You can earn by sending advertisers to them or by selling spots on your site. You must have a real site or blog to do this - nothing on a shared domain (i.e. /blogspot).

Vibrant Media
- Don't bother unless your site has 500,000 page views of text based content a month. If you have that readership, these are the guys that display bubble box ads to underlined words on your site.

West Work At Home Agent
- Not entirely online but this is worth a mention because it's won awards and is very legitimate. If you are an at-home Mom or free-lancer without work, you should check this out.

Yahoo! Merchant Solutions - This is a pretty simple and cheap way to create an online store.

101 Ways to Make Money Online

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We often recommend earning some extra income on the side as a method for paying off debt. Many people reply that they don't really have a means of doing so or their situation doesn't allow them any time away from the kids, etc to have a second job. Here is a list of 101 ways you can earn some extra cash online to help you out.

Like to Talk?
1. Blog for Ad Revenue – Start a blog on a topic you love, build up a reader base and make money from ads on your site.

2. Be a Forum Moderator – Keep out the spam and build a community and you can earn a little cash on the side moderating forums.

3. Write Articles for Websites – Content is King on websites. Keeping sites updated with fresh, high quality content is a chore for website owners and often outsourced. If you’re a good writer with experience in an area you can make a living off of it. Debbie Dragon is a frequent contributor here and also teaches a class on freelance writing.

4. Be a Guest Author – Some higher quality sites will pay between $50 - $400 for a solid article on a topic their readers are interested in. The results are never assured with this method, but the rewards are much higher.

5. Get Paid to Post in Forums – No one wants to post in an empty forum, so webmaster will hire forum posters to help kick start their forum and make it look active. Get paid between $0.10 - $0.25 per post to help get a forum started.

6. Start a Podcast – Basically the same as with a blog, but with audio or video. Talk about what you want and make money from the ads.

7. Get Paid for Forums You Already Talk On – Many forums offer a revenue share program where you can run your own ads on threads you create. This is something Destroy Debt offers. Take advantage of it.

8. Translate Documents – Automated translation is no substitute for humans. If you speak a second language, translate documents and get paid.

9. Be a Life coach or Counselor – Many people would rather talk to a counselor through the safety of the Internet. Offer your advice at an hourly rate.

Are You a Gamer?
10. Farm Gold – Regardless of which online game you like to play there’s always people selling in game money for real money. It may be against the terms of the game but it isn’t illegal. Just make sure you’re making more than your subscription fee.

11. Participate in Gaming Tournaments – If you’re good enough consider entering gaming tournaments. Several of them give away serious cash and prizes.

12. Buy In-Game Real Estate – This was popularized by Second Life. Buy and develop land in the game and it can fetch you cash in the real world. You could become a millionaire like Ansche Chung.

13. Open an In-Game Store – Another one from Second-Life. Many people have made big bucks selling tshirts, pets, and just about anything else you can imagine in the game.

14. Be a Tester – A paid game testing job is hard to come by, since so many people will do it for free, but they do exist.

Would you Like to Be a Middle Man?
15. Put a US Face on an Overseas Business – People outsource overseas because it’s much cheaper. However due to communication problems and some bad experience people are also weary of it. Find some workers overseas you can trust who have a particular talent, and open a US store front offering that service. Charge the premium rates for a US company and “oversee” the overseas work.

16. Organize Forum Posters – When starting a forum many webmasters will hire posters to get it started. Paying 50 people $5 each is a pain and you never know the kind of work you’ll get. Put together a team and provide a one stop shop for webmasters.

17. Offer Client Referral Exchanges – Programmers often will get more projects at one time than they can handle and have to refer them off. Pay these programmers 10% to refer clients to you, and charge other developers 20% to send referrals to them. Pocket the difference. The same is true with other professions.

18. Be a Link Broker – Many people want to buy quality links for their websites while others want to sell them. Be the middleman to make these connections and make a profit on the price difference.

19. Sell Websites and Domains for Others – Some people have quality websites or domains but either don’t know how or don’t have the time to go about selling them. Provide this service and charge a 10% fee.

20. Refer Others to Jobs – Many firms will pay referral bonuses of $500-$1,000+ for referring the right candidate for a job. Develop relationships with recruiters and scour job boards for candidates that fit. Make the connection and pocket the cash.

Can You Program?
21. Write Software for Resale – I’ve personally bought tools on a number of occasions I knew I could write myself just because they were cheap enough to justify buying them instead of spending the time to write it.

22. Write a Web Component – I’m sure you’ve bought fancy drop down menus, charting, comboboxes, etc before. If not with your own money than for a project at work. Write a component like this and sell it.

23. Develop Websites for Others – This is kind of a no-brainer. Do some side work, you can probably charge 2-3x per hour what you get paid for your day job. Sites like Rent A Coder and Elance can put you in contact with buyers.

24. Automate Manual Jobs and Charge per Job – I’ve seen several people asking for forms to be populated from Google Maps or Yahoo Answers data. Write a quick app to do this, but charge per entry the same as if you were manually doing it.

25. Extend Existing Software – Create a plugin, build a storefront package on top of Amazon Web Services, make a bulletin board system more SEO friendly, or whatever you dream up. By extending the functionality of existing software, you can quickly build a user base.

26. Start Your Own Search Engine – Not from scratch, Google provides a great API for you to build your own custom search engine. Build one around a certain topic, provide a better design or give out random prizes. When people search from your site and click on the ads, you get credit.

27. Build Canned Websites for Resell – Create a website for a particular industry once, give it a descent admin and then resell copies of it over and over. Just swap out the logo, a few images and you’re good to go. This works especially well for affiliate marketing websites.

Ever Heard of Ebay?
28. Sell Your Junk on Ebay – The packaging and mailing is a pain, but it sure beats having a garage sale.

29. Buy Other Peoples Junk and Sell it on Ebay – Go to garage sales and resell for higher, or buy bulk discontinued items and sell them off individually.

30. Sell Other Peoples Junk on Ebay for Them – There’s a store on virtually every corner that does this now. Why not you?

31. Create a Virtual Store on Ebay with Drop Shipping – Create a wide storefront with tons of products. The beauty is, by working with a private label drop shipping company you don’t have to actually have these products. Just order one when you make a sale and they’ll ship it out for you, with your name on it. You don’t have to deal with the packaging either!

Don’t Mind Working in the Real World?
32. Take Stock Photos – Take clever photographs and sell them for stock photos on other websites. Sites like iStockPhoto.com allow you to sell the same photo to hundreds of websites.

33. Make Stuff to Sell Online – If you can quilt, sew, work with wood or are descent at any other task, you can make it and sell it online.

34. Enter Data for Google Maps – Google is currently paying people to take photos of businesses and enter basic data such as hours of operation. Go to the local business complex next to the grocery store and you can knock out 50 of these in a few hours.

Got Some Money to Invest?
35. Flip Websites or Domains – There are countless websites and domains for sell every day at places like DigitalPoint, SitePoint and DnForum. Find the bargains and turn them around for a quick profit.

36. Buy Profitable Websites and Keep Them – The standard going price for a small profitable website is 10-12 months earnings. Buy some gems, hang onto them past 10-12 months and reap the benefits.

37. Learn the Art of PPC Arbitrage – Put up a simple website that has ads, affiliate programs or some other source of revenue. If you can find the right terms and buy traffic to the site cheap enough, it’s possible to make a profit on the difference on what you buy the traffic for and what you sell it for.

38. Become a Day Trader – Better know what you’re doing on this one because it’s just as easy to loose money with it as make it. But it can be quite profitable if you know what you’re doing.

39. Convert E-Currency – There are several forum posts everyday for people who want to convert some EGold money into Paypal money, etc. Offer this service and charge a 5%-10% fee for it.

40. Buy a Fancy Machine – Buy a high tech printer, engraver or automated sewing machine and charge people for the items you can produce with it.

Good with Photoshop?
41. Design Logos – Every good business needs a good logo. You may be just the person to provide it.

42. Design Websites – Why stop with the logo, entire websites need to be designed. I am horrible at design so hired Evermark to design this site. Other webmasters are hiring too.

43. Design Ads – Webmasters still need design work after the site is created. Create banners and other professional ads for websites.

44. Draw Cartoons – You may have noticed our section of debt cartoons. I can tell you I didn’t draw them, it was Dan from GibbleGuts.com. Start your own cartoon business.

45. Design T-Shirts – Come up with a nice image or some interesting text and sites like CafePress will help you slap it on a t-shirt and sell it.

46. Design a Seal – Here’s a little secret, most of those “authority seals” you see really don’t mean anything. They just look like they give a site credibility, so webmasters are willing to buy them because they improve the conversion rate. Create your own, make up some guidelines and charge $300 for websites to use it.

47. Create Digital Scrap Booking Templates – People love to scrapbook and some prefer to do it on the computer. Create templates for every occasion that allow your customers to just slide in their own photos.

48. Make Clipart and Icons – People still need these. Another option is comment graphics for sites like MySpace. Build packages of these, give a few away for free and sell the rest.

49. Create MySpace Backgrounds – Don’t stop at the comment tags. Myspace is a gold mine for selling simple customizations if you’re good at it. Create some nice backgrounds and cash in.

50. Make Photoshop Brushes and Filters – If you’re a true wiz at Photoshop, extend its functionality and you can make a fortune.

Have an Artistic Touch?
51. Edit Photos for Others – You can restore old photos, or give existing ones an artistic touch, nice frame, etc. My brother offers this service for kid’s sports pictures at Zongker Team Pics.

52. Create Video Montages – Have people email you a stack of photos and put together a nice DVD to music for weddings, anniversaries, reunions, funerals, etc.

53. Create Photo Mosaics – You know those nifty pictures that are made up from 500 smaller pictures. Have customers send you the digital images they want to use and you can create these automatically with software like Andrea Mosaic.

Got Talent?
54. Record Songs and Sell Online – That is if you don’t suck. With online downloads, record labels are becoming a thing of the past. If you got the goods, sell it online at palces like Arkade.

55. Sell Artwork Online – If you can paint, draw, sketch, make caricatures, etc try selling them online. You may be surprised how many people are willing to buy it.

56. Compose Midi’s – Create either your own original creation or your interpretation of more popular songs and sell them as midi’s or ring tones.

57. Make Videos – Sites like Revver and Break will share ad revenue or even pay you for your videos. Make something clever and upload it.

58. Contribute to a Collection – Whether it’s a recipe, short story, poem or whatever. You may not be able to sell it alone, but could get royalties from contributing it to a collection.

Have More Time than Talent?
59. Submit to Social Bookmarking Sites – Just look at the Digital Point Forums and you’ll see tons of people paying for someone to Digg or Stumble their site. You'll be considered the scum of the earth by the users of these sites, but will have a few extra bucks in your pocket.

60. Get Paid to Surf – You won’t make much, you’ll be giving up your privacy and possibly be installing malware, but this list wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory get paid to surf reference.

61. Take Surveys – A few sites will pay you to complete surveys. Not always in cash, but sometimes you can get free samples or points to buy products with.

62. Get Free Samples – You probably won’t find free cash, but hey stock up on all the free samples, mouse pads and other junk you can find! There are tons of freebie sites who’ve done the hard work of finding these freebies for you.

63. Enter Contests – If you’ve got some time to kill, enter a few contests. You may not win the beach house, but I’ve personally won free pizza’s, cell phone accessories and flowers from some local online contests.

64. Data Entry – Here’s ole faithful. People often need data moved from one type of document to another, or written/verbal notes dictated. It’s work pretty much anyone can do.

65. Become a Virtual Assistant – Occasionally people want research done on anything from finding a certain car but don’t have time to do it themselves. Provide this research service for them and charge by the hour. It's a real industry with it's own organization.

66. Get Paid to Search – With sites like Winzy you can win prizes for searching.

Do You Know HTML?
67. Make Blog/Forum Templates – Pick a popular blog or forum software, design some nice templates for it and sell them.

68. Create MySpace Layouts – This is essentially the same task as the blog templates, but an entirely different market. You may even be able to reuse the same template for both purposes.

69. Start an Online Store – Order products wholesale, or drop shipped and create your own storefront.

70. Start an Affiliate Website – Don’t want to deal with the headaches of selling your own products? Refer visitors to someone else’s products and earn a commission.

71. Open a Virtual Storefront – Building your own affiliate site is still too much work for you? Then don’t, open a virtual storefront hosted by someone else, using sites like Art.com and CardCommission.com.

72. Offer Paid Reviews From Your Website – Other website owners will pay you to review their website on your site or blog. Make from $10-$50 each or more by offering these reviews.

73. Start a Directory – Build up a quality listing of sites on a given topic and get other sites to link to this resource. Then start selling premium listings in this directory.

Are You Tech Savvy?
74. Resell Web Hosting – You can find several sites offering reseller packages at WebHostingTalk. You just rent the server space, split it up and resell it. Occasional support is required.

75. Host Game or Chat Servers – Set up a Linux box in a datacenter and you can run voice chat and game servers off of it that are available 24x7. People will pay to use them.

76. Host Forums – There’s software like SebFlipper that will allow you to host hundreds of separate forums from a single web server. Charge your members to host a forum with you, or offer it for free and run ads on all the pages.

77. Install Applications for Others – People are constantly getting hung up and asking for help with installs on websites. Install software for them and charge a fee for it.

78. Answer Tech Questions – Sites like ExpertBee provide a place for people to ask questions and specify a price they will pay for the answer.

79. Start an Uptime Monitoring Service – There’s software packages out there that will check a website for uptime, send alerts and provide reports. Buy one of these packages and resell the hosted service.

80. Offer Hosted Email – Setting up an email server, blocking spam and making sure it’s locked to relaying is a pain for most webmasters. Provide an easy way for them to outsource the whole service to you.

81. Provide Application Testing – Manually test websites on different OS and browser combinations and provide a report of your findings.

82. Provide Load Testing – Put a heavy traffic load against websites an provide a report of how it responded.

83. Offer an Offsite Backup Service – Rent a server and massive amounts of storage space from a datacenter and provide remote storage space via FTP or other method for a monthly fee per gigabyte of storage.

84. Start a Domain Registrar – Sites like TuCows will let you create your own private label domain registrar where you’ll benefit from not only the initial sale, but from renewals.

85. Sell SSL Certificates – Another service offered by TuCows and others is the ability to resell SSL certificates.

Have a Knack for SEO?
86. Be a Link Builder – Someone who can find good quality links for a website is worth their weight in gold. Become a link builder and charge per link or by the hour.

87. Submit to Directories – Filling out the forms to submit to directories is a pain but important for webmasters. Most will gladly pay to have someone else do it for them.

88. Be a Consultant – Review websites and recommend changes to help improve search engine rankings. Slap it together in a professional looking report and you can charge several hundred to a few thousand dollars per website.

Know Something About Something?
89. Become an About.com Guide – About.com will pay you a very nice percentage of ad revenue from the section you’re a guide of.

90. Write eBooks – These are hard to sell but if you really have the info others want you can make it work.

91. Teach an Online Course – Many colleges are looking for part time teachers for both their online and in-classroom courses.

92. Sell Instructional Videos – It’s got to be something people want, but if you’re truly an expert on a topic, others will pay to learn what you know.

93. Start a Subscription Website – Provide new scrapbooking techniques, recipes or any other advice on a regular basis and charge for a membership.

Are You Opinionated?
94. Review Software – Developers are looking for honest feedback on their work and are willing to pay for it. Use a site like SoftwareJudge to get paid for providing this feedback.

Don’t Have a Conscience?
95. MySpace Blast People – Create an account, recruit all the friends you can and then send them bulletins with advertisements. You’ll loose a lot of ‘friends’ but you will make some money at it.

96. Do Homework for Others – It’s completely wrong of course, but you can get paid to do it.

Don’t Mind Annoying Your Friends?
97. Sell Products Via Email – Gone are the days of Avon, Tupperware and Arbonne parties. Just email your friends and family the the current specials and have them email back the orders.

98. Send Out Cards – Another great program for marketing to your friend and family is SendOutCards. They send out physical Christmas, birthday and other cards on your behalf and pay for referrals.

99. Refer Them to Surveys – Not only can you fill out surveys yourself, now there’s a second tier where you can refer friends to take surveys and earn money and gifts for doing so. Don’t Want to Actually Work?

100. Sell Unused CPU Cycles – Why do work yourself when your computer will do it for you? Sites like CPU Share let you sell your extra computer cycles. Just make sure you’re making enough to cover the cost of electricity. Want More Traditional Work?

101. Telecommute – Hit up your favorite online job board for jobs marked as telecommute. Most you can do entirely online from your home.

Surely from this list you can find something you can do to make some extra money online. If you have any additional suggestions we forgot, please let a comment.