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Some of my blog readers ask me on do I manage to get 20,000 visitors in last month. I thought I can write an article here to show how you too can get 20,000 a month.

1. Get Listed in Google As Soon As Possible.

This is the most basic requirement I would mention here. In fact, you should target to get listed within the first 30 minutes you post your content online. I managed to get listed within 10 minutes after 5 months of hard work. I suggest you work hard and populate your blog with many contents for the next 6 months.

2. Get Rank High in Search Engine, Probably On Top 10 Listings.

You should also look at getting rank high in search engine. Get rank high will get a lot more exposure to the potential visitors compare to other listing in 11 - 2,000. Trying to work in some linking exercise with other websites / blogs so that you can achieve higher ranking. I managed to rank high for certain keywords for my blog over the time.

3. Use Good Hosting Company

A good hosting company will definitely help in long run. You don't want your hosting company fail you suddenly in case you have so many visitors come to your blog. Bear in mind, to achieve 20,000 visitors traffic consistently every month, you will probably need 3 - 6 months to achieve it. Besides that, good hosting company will also response you faster when your blog has problem accessing. I would recommend you to use HostGator as it is a very reliable hosting company and I have been using it since 2006.

4. Use Wordpress Blog

wordpress There are so much easier to rank high on wordpress blog compare to other blog software. Most of the bloggers knew wordpress blog are better than others! In fact, most of the bloggers who use other platform are eventually move to wordpress platform. By the way, I don't use other platform to create my own blog except wordpress now except some of the old sites. If you need guidance to install your wordpress blog, you can check out my blog installation tutorial on how you too can install wordpress blog in just 5 minutes.

5. Use Google Sitemap Generator Plugin

You need to install Google Sitemap Generator Plugin for wordpress. This powerful not just going to help you create and update the sitemap automatically but also help you to inform (ping) search engine when you have new post published. The plugin is able to inform 3 major search engine (Google, Yahoo and MSN) at one go.

6. Use Share-this Plugin

This is a very good plugin that not use by many people. In fact, this work like "Tell-A-Friend" features in most of the old websites. This plugin will eventually enable the readers to send email to their friends as well as bookmark your contents in their social boomarking accounts. Download the share-this plugin here.

7. Use Social Bookmark Account to Bookmark Your Site

Social bookmark enable us to bookmark our favorite site online. In fact, the post / page that we bookmark will also create a link back to the blog. It is quite good and easy way to create back link without asking webmaster permission. All you need to do is create a few free social bookmark account. However, this is for a new blog that in the growing stage, I seldom bookmark my post / page nowadays as it is quite easy get rank and attract traffic from search engine.

8. Update Ping List

Wordpress blog has a feature that you can inform ping site automatically. Do the ping will encourage the search engine spiders come over. However, not all blog created equally as they probably has one ping site in the list. You need to update your blog with more ping site. You can download this updated ping list (there are 38 ping sites in total) and update to your blog.

9. Leave Comment at Other Blogs

You will surprise why I ask you to leave comment at other blogs? In fact, this is a good way to leverage with other high traffic blogs. Since they allow you to leave comments on their blogs, all you need to do it give a really good comments so that the bloggers can't afford to approve it. Don't follow like most of the lazy bloggers who are just trying to get a link back from my blog. What I do was I just modify or delete the comments.

10. Start Creating Sub-pages at Free Blog

Another untold secret online, you can create some sub-pages on other from blogs. Web2.0 sites at,, Squidoo and many other free sites out there able to help you to boost up your rank. Once you establish a back link from those sub-pages, you are indirectly boost up your traffic volume to your blogs.

Here is another a few more for you:

Bonus 1: Create Right and Quality Contents

Yes, create right and quality contents is as equally important as above 10 tips! Most of my blog visitors (i.e. 75%) are come from search engines. They come to my blog because of certain contents they are looking / searching from search engine. Remember this! People only interest to read about good contents that bring benefits to them. You don't want to read junk contents, do you?

Bonus 2: Blog About The Current Topic

One of the method I manage to pull off a lot of visitors from search engine is because I blog about the current topic. I read paper offline to find out ideas about the current hot topic. You can try to look at your local newspaper and see what are the popular topic and write a review content. I am sure you will be able to attract many visitors over night.

Bonus 3: Be Consistent On The Contents

A lot of people start a blog and talk about everything! It isn't a right method. You should select not more than 3 topics to write in your blog. The more topics don't mean the more traffic you bring in. Unless you are celebrity bloggers like Kenny Sia and LiewCF, otherwise you should try to stick to your topic well.


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