Types of Personal Loans

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All financial institutes and banks offer personal loans. The basic aim of a personal loan is to provide essential finance to fulfill all the demands of an individual at best terms and conditions. Personal loan is a multipurpose loan; it can be used for a number of purposes including home renovation expenses, purchase of a car or bike, wedding expenses, education expenses, holiday or to payoff all the current debts to improve credit score.

In order to make personal loans accessible to every one bank and financial institutes offer personal loans in two different ways. One is secured personal loans and the other one is unsecured personal loans. This makes more people eligible to apply for personal loans. Property owners and non property owners both are eligible to apply for personal loans. Bad Credit Owners can also apply for a personal loan. These loans offer very flexible terms and conditions of repayment.

Secured Personal Loans

A personal loan secured against any property is known as secured personal loans. Secured personal loans offer large amounts of money as a loan. Borrowers with bad credit history, who find difficulty to get unsecured personal loans, can also apply for secured personal loans. Lenders provide secured personal loans with more flexible terms and condition when you have been rejected for unsecured personal loans. The amount of money you can borrow ranges from £5,000 to £75,000, with payback period of 5 to 25 years.

Unsecured Personal Loans

An unsecured personal loan is an excellent option for non homeowners who can not apply for secured loans. Tenants can also apply for unsecured personal loans. Nothing is required as collateral to get this loan. Lender solely relies on the repayment ability of the borrower. Unsecured loans are granted with high interest rates as compared to secured personal loans. The amount of money you can borrow is as little as £500 and it can be increased upto £25,000 maximum with payback period of six months to ten years. An unsecured loan is more expensive with shorter payback periods.

Prerequisites for Personal Loans

Different lenders demand different documents before granting personal loans. It also depends on the type of personal loan you applied for. For example for a personal loan amounting to a small sum, lender usually asks for only a driving license, proof of employment, address information, and a post dated check of amount of loan plus interest amount. Some online lenders do not even ask for employment proof. Whereas for a large unsecured loan, lenders may ask for all the documents mentioned in the loan policy as well as detailed description of the home or any large equity you are going to purchase from the borrowed money.

In case of secured personal loans borrower also need to submit information about the collateral, proof of you partner’s income and credit capacities.

In case of hybrid loans such as combined business and combined personal loans borrowers have to provide additional information about their company these information include every thing from permits and licenses of the business or project, agreement of business to insurance documents of the business. Borrower is also required to explain the economic reliability of the project before issuance of the loan. Whatever the document requirement is, borrowers must complete all the prerequisite documents before moving forward with loan application process in order to get loan fast and easy.


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