The Best Way To Get Her To Really 'Want' You

Well, you've done your homework. You've been charming, a good conversationalist, focusing on her all night. You know that you want her, but how do know if she wants you?

A little spark from a match will light a huge bonfire. You need to create an emotional spark that lights the bonfire that’s waiting inside of her. It's not hard to do. Here's a little recap for you.

1. Smile - not a big toothy grin, but a nice, genuine smile.

2. Watch
your body language. Are you open? Are you relaxed?

3. Look in her eyes.

4. Dance and slow dance with her.

5. Stroke her hair
, her face.

6. Kiss her hand, each finger

If she hasn't come around yet, then simply slow things down more. Instead of speeding this portion of the romance, take everything very slowly. This will set her nerve endings on fire and set off a chain reaction of pleasure sensors inside her that will have her taking control of the situation.

When holding her hand, gently stroke each finger, one at a time. Then kiss the fingertips after stroking them. This feels very sensual and intimate.

Remember to keep looking in her eyes. Lock eyes with her; make her feel that there's no where else on earth you would rather be than right here, right now.

Stroke the back of her neck. Play with her hair. Just sort of roll it around in your fingers.

Kiss her face, neck, ears, everywhere on her face but her lips. This will send her into orbit.

These types of techniques are designed to get the most sensuality from light, easy touches. The kind of touches that most women want. The 'want factor' will be extremely high if you follow these few techniques.

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