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Have you ever thought about how new positions are created? As a business
grows, it discovers that more people are needed to perform all of the duties that need to
be done. If you could only know when that situation would be present, you could submit
your resume and beat your competition and secure employment. It is very possible to do
just that but you must look for growth opportunities!
Everyday we encounter growth opportunities. We see those opportunities on the
television, hear about them on the radio, and read about them in the newspaper.

opportunities are situations occurring in a company that would facilitate new positions.
The factors to stimulate job growth would be company growth, expansion, reorganization
or relocation. Examples of company growth would be contract awards, growth in
earnings, issuance of IPOs, moving to a larger facility. Examples of expansion would be
introduction of a new product or venturing into a new market. Reorganization would be
promotion of an executive. Many new executives are more comfortable hiring new staff
and relocation of a company would mean new jobs created.
When learning of a growth opportunity, think about how your skills, experience,
and background could benefit that organization. Tailor your cover letter demonstrating
ways you might be of “service” to that company. Sometimes companies in “distress” can
be a growth opportunity, especially if you can demonstrate an action plan for a business
turn around plan of some sort.
Consider how you can help a company? What experiences and skills do you
possess that a company in a growth mode may benefit from?
Write a paragraph describing how you could help a company. Next, review the
business section of your newspaper or a local business journal, and over a one-week span,
identify 5 companies that could use your help.


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