Many of the bloggers think only beginners do with the post after getting a few articles will be set up easily get regular readers. This shy fully correct. you will not get the sort of shy, if there is presence of people who know you blog. In this article she attempted to discuss this with the understanding of the ways used by bloggers and webmasters in bringing traffic to the site / blog with them to understand the readers. But I hope this article can help bloggers who need and problems in bringing traffic to the site / blog them.

Functionality Blog

Before she brings to you the name out there, first you must blog, and should have a style. Most readers are presented with a web site that humdrum or too extreme to the color of the light. She refuses will own at-at a site / blog if navigate the complex and feel. Essentially, I must have a unique, different from site / blog anywhere on the Internet. One of the things that she is emphasize convenience for readers to contact you, and should not be difficult to get the location and can, if only with one click I can contact you, such as email address or other, and YM. This will make readers think, if a site / blog this post is managed by someone who cares. Here is where the importance of a page about me / about personal histories on the site or blog. The more readers you know, the more they believe in what suguhkan Fortress in the Fortress.


Functionality blog you walk next to the content. you can blog menspesialisasikan you with a certain niche over the idea and you can have access to as many people who love the niche. If you can do it the best niche that you specify, so you can get the traffic out how to blog. Or how can expand the scope of content Fortress, like talking about technology, you can add a few opinions, analysis or comparison of other technology. Shy people will visit to the blog for you to read anything they can get at CNET, they want something unique that there are shy in other places. If you learn something from this case, I hope you understand if it refuses copas good. One of the things that can reduce traffic blogs worry is to have the same content with other blogs. Knowing what content should be how blogs are key elements of identity for the blog and you will become a brand image for you blog.

Technorati is not Landscape

Technorati is a source of very qualified traffic for bloggers. Blog you will be more easily found by other people when they search using the Technorati tag. Technorati is also a machine-pe-ranking blog that's popular. Blog given a ranking based on how many links to the blog you from a different website / blog. The higher ranking blog how the blog easier Fortress found by others, the higher the ranking of how the higher credibility in the Technorati blog you. So, if Fortress not have an account at Technorati, she saranin Fortress dapatin now. After setting completed, such as a profile Fortress, Fortress must make claims against Fortress blog. In the Account enter data Fortress blog, enter the blog URL Fortress and then click "Claim this." If I lakuin-claim process, click "Configure this Blog" and enter information about how blogs. click the checkbox "Include this blog in Technorati's Blog Finder" and gave the tag or keyword that represents the exact content of the Fortress globally. when I finished, click "Save Changes" and select the code that Fortress want to install in the Fortress. There are 2 (two) type of code that can plug in how to worry verified by Technorati and that can always updated by Technorati. If how to use Blogger or other blog hosts that do not provide full control of how the file blog Fortress, Fortress can use the "Link Code" and posting to a place in the Fortress. If the system how to use blogs as a more flexible installation of WordPress Moveale type or how important the copy "Embed Code". Loe can edit the sidebar, header or footer and put the code in a Fortress want. Click "Save Changes", the rest is done automatically Technorati. One of the things that need to be considered is to add a link to the blog how to ping Technorati. With so know every Technorati will update the blog on how do worry. To learn more, visit Technorati's Ping Configuration Page.

Loe also can use the plugin to worry blog platform that supports Technorati tags such as Simpletags.

Blog Rings / Networks

Entering site / blog how to blog in the network or blog ring is another good way to get more readers. Many network blogs such as this, and one that is good BlogTopSites is the site of the pe-an-blog that will make the blog more easily how to found and searched. After signing up at the site, worry only need to copy the code and paste a little code to a place like that worry in the Fortress as we do with Technorati. Be sure how choose the right category. If Fortress shy caution, Fortress will go into a place that is very difficult to be found by other people and worry will be ranked very low. For users of WordPress, how can join Blogs of the Day with only install the plugin that they will upload the blog statistics to worry them.

Burn Feed

Maybe now I have little worry additional readers, but how how to help them to come back? Many blog users will immediately scan RSS feeds blog page content if they like it. Most blogs, like WordPress I integrate RSS feeds on the posting or commenting. Using the default feed may be a significant, tappi refuses never know how how many people read blogs that worry. FeedBurner service will capture the feed and how mereproduksinya in the server while they do tracking statistics readers. I recommend using their services and Burning blog feeds worry. But I will tell refuses steps to sign up for the service FeedBurner, but finished after the Fortress, search the tab "Publicize", click "FeedCount" and enable. FeedCount will provide Fortress Fortress icon that can plug in the blog that will display the feed circulation worry now, it will be easier for readers to subscribe to blog articles Fortress. After Fortress tide, try logging in to your account how FeedBurner two or three days later, will see the details of how the statistics blog readers on how the tab "ANALYZE".

Now Loe A True Blogger

Loe I find the style blog Fortress, and control the content that you want to know how to enter Fortress blog, and get, but how many readers still want more. If the worry is still using free blog, leave! Although it is on TypePad account, Fortress is in a subdomain ( This is the time for Fortress to stand on its own and using the domain also hosting their own, can use hostgator.
The next step is the tracking of visitors you know where they are from, what they see, and how they leave you blog. you will easily make assessment of the blog content readers worry that groove and you can concentrate more on it. Most webhost have included various types of monitoring statistil as Urchin Suite, you can also use Mr. Inman's Mint. Ask to make a good feature is the open API that allows developers to create plugins called Peppers that expand its function.

Final thoughts

I hope that the suggestions from the little I can provide assistance sengga-engganya for a small person. If the blog you talk about the guidelines or review of the materials you can be a lesson for other people, I suggest you post a link to the delicious or Digg. If you are articles on the front page Digg or delicious popular, the way you open wide. Kebanayakan website with the theme of technology have an email to tips, if you according to the article you useful and beneficial, mail it to them, who know posted. As a blogger, you would often talk to foreigners, may each day, so there is a problem refuses to do so. There may be just after you with the relationship between them, it is a first step for you business in the future.

Finally, hold a contest to increase traffic blog you, even if only for memperebutkann matters such as balance, or book. You will amazed with the visits of many people to blog for you to follow a contest that you forged. You can be a relationship first with the readers you, and they may just give you a link to the blog. Commenting on other blogs can also generate traffic to you blog.


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