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Identifying whom to network with is a challenge for most job seekers. However,
the average person knows at least 250 people. When you really begin to consider all the
people you have encountered, you will probably come up with a number very close to
250. Networking means connecting, and there are a number of ways to connect,
including in person, by telephone, email or through a card or letter. Let’s look at where
you can find your network

so you can get started on your search!
The first one we will identify is our Personal Network. The personal
network would be those individuals such as family, friends, acquaintances, work peers,
vendors, customers, teachers or professors, our children’s friends, parents, our parent’s
friends, our child’s baseball, soccer, or basketball coach; in other words, people we see or
have seen on a regular basis. Check your address book, holiday card list, old business
cards, and business listings as sources for personal contacts. If you haven’t had recent
contact with these individuals, don’t let that deter you from networking with them. After
all, they will probably be very happy to be in contact with you. Make a list of 25 people
from your personal network that you can contact within the next 7 to 10 days.
Another networking resource would be your Service Providers. These are
individuals that you have developed a rapport with that may have provided a business
service, or you may have come in contact with among the local population. Consider
your community leaders, small business people and the local chamber of commerce.
Below you will find a listing of potential professional contacts from your service
Financial Planners Dentists Hairdressers
Attorneys Community Leaders Barbers
Accountants Clergy College Professors
Business Owners Realtors Bankers
Insurance Salespeople School Personnel Physicians
Senior Executives Salespeople Store Clerks
Business Consultants Executive Recruiters Veterinarians
Restaurant Owners Caterers Bartenders
Now you will want to make a list of 15 people to contact from your service
provider list.
Professional organizations you are involved with provide a great way to network
while staying updated on your industry or occupation’s latest trends. If you currently
don’t belong to any professional organizations you may want to consider joining an
appropriate one for you. Professional organizations post job opportunities from other
members on their web sites. Besides the networking opportunity, professional
associations offer professional growth and development through their many educational
programs and services. If you are unsure of the right association for you, you may wish
to consult the Encyclopedia of Associations or do an on-line keyword search.
Networking situations can occur when you least expected. Networking
opportunities can occur in any social situation. A party, standing in line, sitting next to
someone. Many times, we find ourselves in an unplanned or opportunity networking
situation. The conversation can begin as “small talk”, and move to a more personal topic
such as our line of work. This is a tremendous opportunity to network by applying what
you learned about listening and asking the right questions earlier in this e-book.
To assist you in your networking efforts, we’ve provided a Networking Contact
List on the following pages. This will help you to stay organized as you build your


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