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Remove from the tip, Credit banks in the United States
Global banking crisis, circumvented the United States by citizens invigorate small business credit system through the middle many ways. Thus, they are not too dependent on bank loans. What do?

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"Getting a credit or bank loans, is currently the biggest challenges," said Christel Carley businessman, owner of solar energy technology company on the outskirts of Washington. "Now is seeking bank loans very difficult", he said.

Difficult to get bank loans can be dangerous to the economy of the people, because most people of the United States does not work in the giant companies such as Chysler, Kellogg's and Coca Cola. More than 50 percent of the American people, seeking sustenance through small-scale business or SME. And the average age of their business is still young, built around a new three-year, and therefore requires a loan or credit.

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However, when the current bank can not provide loans due to the banking crisis, then the more that U.S. citizens borrowing money to give to one another. This is a very good, katya a money lender Alex Clement. If you want to borrow money when people can directly "Hey, I need the loan money and so easy to borrow-borrow."

Ten percent of profits in the year Clement obtained the money from the loan of 20 thousand U.S. dollars, to a young entrepreneur, while the interest rates thirty percent a year, when the entrepreneur is borrowing from the bank.

"This is the democratization of the money market," said Clement. Democratization in the money market is very needed, Clement added. It was not that simple or very good with the convenience lend money. However, he also carefully review the borrower money, as is done by banks in the United States last year.

"I do not give away money, I lend money," he said. "I do not menghibahkan my money, but only meminjamkannya," emphasized the assertion by Clement.

Looking for a credit that can be trusted

He lend money from the Internet site Around 630 thousand lender and loan recipients can take advantage of this paltform to deal since the banking crisis is now. How: "This transaction, such as Internet trade Ebay in financial matters," he added. "We setipe with Ebay (manager of trade transactions through the Internet site) for borrowing money," said site leader Chris Larson.
A client of a bank in the United States.

Lender and agreed a number of receiving funds will be loaned, including the matter of how much interest loan. Through computer technique also conducted test bonafiditas carefully to the lender and peminjamnya.

United States citizens, who do not believe the transaction with loans, borrow money through the internet, searching for another point in getting credit. A restaurant that has branches in Washington and New York while the investment to get credit from their subscription. Customers can obtain benefits, and interest rates can then dibelikan dish.

Leaders restaurant Brenda Paulin, so happy with the way it does not need to depend more on bank loans. He is very optimistic. The pioneering spirit that ulet United States citizens will bring this country out of economic crisis.


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