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Yuwie is a social networking website,like MySpace where you sign up for an account and then have the ability to create a profile with whatever information you want to put in. Yuwie has many of the same features as MySpace like blogging, the ability to upload pictures and create albums for them, messaging, clubs (or groups on MySpace) friends lists and much more! About the only thing Yuwie does not have is the ability to upload video's or a music library. Keep in mind that Yuwie started the end of June this year (2007) and they have a LOT of room for growth! Yuwie is considered to be in "beta" stage right now, which means they are constantly working on updating the small things of the site.
Why should I use Yuwie?

I'm happy with MySpace, Facebook, Friendster

Very good question! First off, Yuwie is 100% Free. Secondly, Yuwie offers something that MySpace, Facebook, Orkut and most other social networking do not have to offer. That incentive is simply money. Yuwie makes money through online advertising and then pays their members from their earnings. The amount you can make is based on a referral and profile view / month basis. What that means, is that you make money from people who sign up for Yuwie through your special link. The idea is to get enough referrals that you can build a team and work with your referrals to help them do the same. Eleven referrals you have three or four levels deep, your team begins to grow on it's own without any effort from you! This is where the MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) comes into play. MLM's work off of the same principle. Except that Yuwie is not a MLM.

So what is the 'page view / month' thing? There is a certain criteria that has to be met based on page views / month in order for you to get paid. That quota is 1.000 page views. Blogs, Pictures, comments, Profile Viewing and several other things all help with your page view. Do not let that scare you though. I had my page view quota matched within the first two weeks after signing up on Yuwie


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