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This site is part of the network, and is a general, nationwide career site.
Candidates can search the database by keywords and location. This site also features a
job search agent.
America's Job Bank, (Recommended)
This is the national clearinghouse for the public Employment Service. Developed by the
U.S. Department of Labor and State Employment agencies. Job postings (currently over
840,000) are drawn from more than 1,800 state employment service agencies in 50 states.

There are also direct links to more than 2,300 employers’ web sites and 700 personnel
agencies & recruiters.
Two levels of service are offered, both free. The basic level allows you to search the job
bank (no registration required) where you can look for openings by occupation and a
new feature lets you pinpoint available openings within miles of a certain zip code. The
database's size ensures a broad range of job openings, especially for those without college
If you register, you can take advantage of a range of additional services, such as posting
your resume online as part of America's Talent Bank, creating and saving customized
searches and cover letters. America's Job Bank also offers up to ten job scouts to search
for jobs automatically at specified intervals. The scout then e-mails the results.
Start with the instruction link at the Job Seeker page to learn more. This site has
excellent links to occupational trend information and wage data.,
A wealth of information and resources can be found at this site. The jobs database can be
searched by category and state/city. When the results page appears, you can further
refine your search by date. The site also has a resume bank, but you will need to start by
registering. The “Resume Masking" option allows you to remove your personal
identification and contact information from your resume.
Their Career Guide features guides to the Best Places to Live and Work and Relocation,
Career Fairs, Trade Shows, and much more! Other features of the site include a link to
Employment Review Online where you will find the results of their (annual) Salary
Boldface Jobs,
This site allows you to search for a recruiter or corporation within a geographic range
(area code or state) and by specialty. The site also has job listings, Resume posting and
links to other employment resources.,
Small collection of jobs. Top three fields are Engineering, IT, Sales & Marketing.
Primary salary ranges are from $50 to $100k. The site helps you create and save a
resume bank and offers two levels of confidentiality.
Career City,
Specifically designed for professional and technical people, this site includes links to
Healthcare, Bio/Pharma, Government, Education and Computer/Hi-Tech careers as well
as a Diversity Job Center.
Career Giant, was established to provide a one-stop, online career resource center for
job seekers and employers. The site includes job and resume banks, as well as
communities geared toward specific professions, career related articles, occupational
information relocation tools and more. was established to provide a one-stop, online career resource center for
job seekers and employers. The site includes job and resume banks, as well as
communities geared toward specific professions, career related articles, occupational
information relocation tools and more.,
This site was recently acquired by VerticalNet. The site's new design allows the
jobseeker to search for jobs by profession, location or to pull job postings from other sites
such as Career Journal (WSJ) and Create a free account to submit a resume
and sign up for a Job Agent. Career enhancement services such as their job placement
program and career club are offered for a fee.
Is a small site with an emphasis on certain states (e.g. PA and MD). Jobs are organized
for you to view by category or by employer. There is also a library for additional career
planning & employment information & web sites.
Employment Guide,
Job seekers may search jobs and register to deposit a resume at the site. Choose the Fast
App and you’ll be directed to the fastest way to get your application and resume seen by
employers who are hiring in your area. Fill in your contact information, answer a few
short questions about your skills and experience, add your resume, and click “submit.”
ExeCon Information System,
Execon is a national electronic job advertising service utilized by companies and
recruiting firms. View job listings online or have them sent to you via e-mail., (Recently acquired by
Offers job opportunities in the U.S., Canada and International, plus a job scout and career
profile where you can post and modify your resume.
HotJobs, (Recommended)
Offers a number of ways to search the job bank, including keyword, location, and
company or career channel. Within each option, you can narrow your search even further.
Within the main job search page, you can even view all jobs by level (e.g. executive, mid
to senior etc.), when you scroll towards the bottom of the page. When you create an
account, (select the MyHotjobs link to get started), you can create an online resume,
control the searchability of your resume, set up automatic job search agents, track your
job applications and view your resume statistics. A favorite site among the recruiting
communities. There are currently over 250,000 jobs listed here. Yahoo's recent
acquisition of HotJobs (April 2002) makes this website an even more powerful contender
as a top career site.
Internet Career Connection,
Run by Gonyea & Associates, this site links to Help Wanted USA, State Government and
International jobs. The Worldwide Resume Bank is place where job seekers are invited to
post their resumes free of charge. To find these resources within the site, select the drop
arrow field on the opening page and scroll through the list of resources.
JobBank USA,
The site includes job postings and a resume bank. Job Agent is the site's e-mail agent.
You can search the database by location, categories, channels and keywords. You can
allowing specification of the exact phrase or all or any of your keywords. You can
respond to positions of interest by e-mail at the site (using an online form), or by
submitting a stored resume. The resume privacy options are worth noting. You may
choose to post your resume "Openly" or "Privately".
Open Resumes (Paste-In or Form-Built) allow JobOptions' clients (employers and search
firms) to view all the contents of your resume.
Private Resumes (Paste In) allows JobOption clients to search ALL of the data that you
paste in, but only your profile is available to clients of JobOptions. That is, only your
credentials are visible online, and nowhere will your name, address, or even past
employers appear. With "Private Resumes," employers must send a blind message to you
through JobOptions (thereby protecting your e-mail address), requesting your permission
for a copy of your complete resume BEFORE JobOptions will release it.
Job Alert is the e-mail notification service to automatically receive job postings that
matches the criteria you specify, once you have registered. (You can create three agents)., (Recommended)
Over 800,000 job listings (January 02) are included in the jobs database, which can also
be searched by US City/State, Company, or International country. You can apply online
using your saved online resume or by sending an e-mail. You can also attach one of up to
five saved cover letters. Your My Monster page will keep track of all the jobs for which
you apply.
By registering with My Monster, you can submit your resume online, search for jobs, set
up a job search agent, and access the chat rooms and message boards. Monster.Com
allows you to build and store online resumes and cover letters and to track the number of
times employers view your resume(s). If you're looking for more than one type of
position or if you want to target your resume to the needs of a particular employer, you
can create and store different versions of your resume. You also have the option of
keeping your resume or personal information confidential. You can hide your entire
resume from employers, hide your contact information and current/last employer, hide
just your contact information, or make your resume viewable for all employers to see. also features a free subscription-based newsletter, real-time chat and
message boards for networking and expert advice. Career Center offers helpful content
targeted for various industries and career experience levels.
TIP! Copy and paste from your text resume to the online resume submission form to save
time and avoid typos. Submitting a resume and continuing to search the job bank (or set
up a job agent) to apply for positions of interest will maximize your chances of success
since employers and recruiters have varied levels of access to the database.
Preferred (Recommended)
Preferred Jobs is a network of regional job banks tied into several national job banks.
You can search the job banks, post your resume, search for job fairs, and join career
discussion groups just to name a few. There is also a good series of articles relative to
job-hunting, as well as a Q&A board where visitors can post their questions and get
answers on items related to resumes, interviewing, and more.
Gives you the ability to distribute your resume to employers or recruiters where there is a
match (criteria includes industry/function classifications, geography and qualifications).
The service will cost you $49 and is free for employers.


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